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The virus: What’s going on?

Do remember that this time of upheaval has been prophesied for eons by the sages, teachers and many traditions of the world. Some have referred to it as ‘the end times’ , ‘The Ascension’, the final days of the Hindu Kali Yuga. etc. The world has always moved in cycles and ages and we are now at the end of an age of darkness.


A Universal Story

The ancient Greeks called these ages of human civilization the Age of Gold, Silver, Bronze, and the Age of Iron. The Phoenix always rises from the ashes of its predecessor. The Hopi tribe believe that a cycle when humans head and heart are disconnected (Fourth World of Separation) is followed by an era when they are in harmony (Fifth World of Peace). The Lakota believe that the birth of a White Buffalo in 1994 signified a time of great healing and unification around the world. The Pan-American prophecy of the Eagle and Condor speaks of the re-uniting of the tribes through sacred wisdom and power. For as much darkness as one might see in the world, there are endless stories of rebirth to explore. These are roadmaps for us from the darkness into the light.
We are actually living in the Kali Yuga now, then any and all behaviour that is wholesome, honest, generous, virtuous, happy, authentic, is emulating behaviours that bring us closer to the Satya Yuga. Satya Yuga is the next phase in the cycle, a golden age of abundance. Knowing that the Kali Yuga can end abruptly at any moment, observe what is happening around you, grow your compassion, and learn what you can from this precious time!


Many believe as I do, that this is the end of a time of darkness on our planet, to be followed by a time of greater harmony, love and light. Behind this virus situation there is something much bigger going on.

So do not buy into fear or hopelessness. This , as a wise friend of mine says , is the TIME OF CORRECTION. Our world could not continue as it was. Everywhere was greed, corruption, war, famine, and many people operating only from what’s in it for them. Now we have an opportunity to pull together, to care for one another and to focus on love and compassion for one another, for planet earth and for all other beings who share this lovely planet with us.

On a personal level, do not entertain thoughts of fear. With even the most fundamental knowledge of physics, we all know that everything is energy. All energy vibrates at different frequencies. The virus vibrates on a low frequency, so if we keep our own frequency high, we do not become a vibrational match for the virus and are less likely to attract it. (like attracts like).

This does not give us permission to judge those who do contract the virus or those who suffer from fear, we do not know their childhood programming or anything about their lives. And many have soul contracts to fulfil that we know nothing at all about. Let us just stay in love and compassion towards all. And in great gratitude to those brave souls who work in the health industry and are daily putting themselves at risk in the care of others. Keeping their vibes high when surrounded by so much suffering can be a truly impossible task for them. Let us send them some of our positive vibes and love.
Let us also include all those who work to provide us with essential services and are literally sacrificing their safety for our comfort and well being .


We are all connected.

Join in daily meditation to send as much positive energy, love and light into the grid that is the collective consciousness of humanity.

Spirituality has always taught us that at the ultimate level there is only one of us. We are all ONE. Now Quantum Physics comes up with scientific terminology to say the same thing.

Raising our own consciousness is the highest form of service to ourselves and to all of humankind.

Late last year, I was woken up in the night with words for my book THE LAW OF RADIANCE.

I now understand why. The book shows us how to raise our consciousness. The information was all downloaded to me, so does not come from me but through me.

I am here to help is any way I can. I don’t know how, but I will be guided by my Spirit helpers to help me to be of service.

I’m still available for Skype consultations if you need me.

Keep your vibes up, keep your immune system strong, don’t endanger yourself or others.

This too shall pass. better times are ahead.


Warmest Wishes and Abundant Blessings,







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