2020 STARS


FOR 2020

AriesARIES Your love life needs attention. Partners may be going through challenges and need your attention and support. Do not make any hasty commitments to new love. Neither , if you are thinking of leaving a long-term relationship, should you rush into anything. Give serious thought to relationships generally. For Aries who are single, love comes later in the year. Focus on your own growth and development. This is a good year to take courses or self- improvement programmes . For those of you interested in investment, stocks or shares, you can’t go wrong with gold. Look also to industries who are developing products which are energy saving and environmentally unharmful. For young Aries , many of you can look forward to rewards and awards , especially academically. Don’t hold back. Go for bust as they say. Archangel Uriel walks beside you to guide and guard you.

LUCKY NUMBERS:  5  9  16   28  29

LUCKY Colours: Red. Purple. Light Green. Silver. Wear or carry TOPAZ

TAURUS For some Taureans , you may feel a lack of energy as you enter 2020. This could be a sign that you need to take a good hard look at your eating regime. Are you getting the right Vitamins and Minerals. A visit to a health practitioner such as a Kinesiologist will pay dividends. You might also take a look at exercise, are you getting sufficient? To start the year, get your goals and visions clear. Don’t go into this year in a muddle or your year will be muddled. Set your intentions. Clarify them. Then create a plan of action. If you get off to a good start you can expect unusually positive financial rewards this year. If you feel you are in the wrong job, then start to plan some changes and implement those changes in the Spring. Spring is best for you for new doors opening , especially in career and finance. Taureans connected with Real Estate should have a bumper year. It is also a very positive year for you if you are in the caring professions . Love life for most of you is good. The best time for your love life in 2020 is in Summer and Autumn. Make changes where necessary, especially if you are not happy with the person you are with. Single Taureans will be in great demand and spoilt for choice when it comes to possible new partners. See them all and get to know them before you narrow your choice down to one . Family obligations likely to be more onerous than usual. Take as many holidays as you can. Keep your energy up. And , most of all, don’t let others drain you. Call upon Archangel Gabriel when you need help and insight.

LUCKY NUMBERS:  6  10  15  21  33

LUCKY COLOURS: Sky blue. Azure blue. Emerald green and turquoise.

GEMINI If you have been experiencing turmoil in 2019, expect a bit more calm in 2020, especially if you have been doing some work on yourself. It looks like you have had some heavy karmic patterns to clear. Old debts to pay and old scores to settle. Finish any unfinished business before March. After that, you should feel so much lighter on every level. From Easter onwards, it is a good time for you to redesign your life and redefine your goals. If something is not working for you, let it go. Whether that is in the area of personal relationships or career. It’s never too late to change. Generally , it is a good year for personal relationships for Gemini’s who are looking for love. Your charm and magnetism will be at an all-time high. Make the best of it. Gemini’s in the world of creativity should get the big breaks this year. Especially towards the second half of the year. If you work in the travel or hospitality industry , expect a bit of a bumpy ride as things slow down, then increase, then slow down again. Time to think outside the box! Young people and children bring you much joy. A great year to invest in Real Estate. This year should provide with some nice travel opportunities and , fir some, there could be a free holiday that comes about in an unusual way. You will find travel enjoyable and even educational. Not the best year for emigrating, if you have to, do thorough research before you go. Your special guiding Angel this year is Archangel Metatron.

LUCKY NUMBERS:  11  22  33  35

LUCKY COLOURS: Yellow, Gold, bronze.

CANCER This year of 2020 , if you go all out for it, you can make that long-held dream come true. Set your vision and aim for it. As Shakespeare said ‘ There is a tide in the affairs of men ,which if taken at the flood, leads on to fortune’. The tide is now running in your favour. Between February and July it is at its peak.

Watch mood swings, especially at full moons. Be prepared and know that if you are feeling down, it will pass. Feel the feelings. Don’t suppress them. Feel them , honour them and let them go. 2020 is a fine for you to do a stock-take of people around you. Move away from the ones who have been draining your energy. It seems there are a few around you who drain you and give nothing back . Are they really friends? Romance is in the air for younger single Cancerians. And many of you in long-term commitments may be getting itchy feet. Don’t do anything in haste. If you do , you are likely to regret it. If you are in the caring professions, promotion or some sort of recognition is on the cards for many of you. Cancerians who invest, should have a good year with solid investments like gold or precious metals.Mining interests should also prove fruitful.For some , depending on location , Real-Estate should be good. But study the markets. The Angel to ask for advice and help is the mighty Archangel Michael.

LUCKY NUMBERS:  1  8  13  25

LUCKY COLOURS: Silver. Orange. Bronze. White

LEO. If you have overdone it over the Christmas holiday period, you may wish to consider a cleansing fast. Time to give your body an overhaul. Cleansing of old thought patterns, especially negative thinking of any kind, is a very useful discipline for you for the new Year too. Don’t bother with New Year Resolutions…..when have you ever kept them? Just clarify your Vision of where you would like to be by the end of the year and steer towards it .Make connection with your Guardian angels and the other angels who are around you. Ask them for signs and for guidance. Don’t rush into new projects immediately but plan your strategy. If you’re unsure about something , seek advice from the experts. In the third and fourth months of the year you should receive favourable offers, either of new jobs for those of you who are employed , or exciting new projects for the self employed and the entrepreneurs. Personal relationships may need your attention as you get busier, folk around you are likely to feel neglected. You may have to do a juggling act to fit everyone and everything in. Footloose Leo’s have plenty of choice with new prospective partners coming into your life . Just take it easy. Think before you rush into anything. Do you really want a long term commitment right now? House ,work premises or office moves are on the cards for many of you. Very likely due to expansion. For some, new babies are on the way. The Angel who guides you this year is Archangel Zadkiel

LUCKY NUMBERS :  3  9  18  21

LUCKY COLOURS: Red. Purple. Hazel Green.Gold.

VIRGO This is a time now in January for you to get very clear on where you want to go with your life. Get in touch with your life’s purpose. If you do not know what your life’s purpose is, perhaps consult an astrologer or a psychic consultant. Then start to have a serious look at how you are going to go about it. Do you need to go on a course of some kind? Or achieve a qualification to empower you to do what you have come to do? A long hard look at where you are now and where you want to be is necessary. Do you love what you are doing? And , if not, change it. Spending eight hours a day, five days a week, fifty or so weeks in the year , doing something you hate or , at best tolerate, can not be the way to living a happy life. Go into meditation and ask your Higher Self or your guides for guidance and direction. Then ask your Higher Self or Source to provide the means to get to where you want to be. This is a great year for Virgos in the caring professions and for those who help or educate others. Also a good year for those involved in environmental work and for gardeners, horticulturalists and farmers. Not the best year for Virgos dealing with money or finance, you need to be extra careful and avoid risks. Love is on the cards for many Virgos. Many single Virgo’s are likely to meet the love of their lives. And for some, rekindling of old flames. In the romance department.It looks like a lively year for many Virgos. Don’t wear yourself out . Travel is also on the cards , with a visit to one or two of the destinations on your bucket-list. Playing the lottery of the foreign country you are visiting could pay off for some Virgos. Archangel Hanael is by your side to guide you, so link in with her often.

LUCKY NUMBERS:  5  19  31  35 

LUCKY COLOURS: Green and Orange.

LIBRA This is a good year to move house or change job location. You should be lucky in anything to do with real estate or buildings. Investment in tangibles looks very good for many Libras. Libras who work in creative fields will find themselves buzzing with highly innovative creative ideas. Have faith in yourself and follow up those ideas, even if they seem crazy to you or others. Let go of doubt and accept that you are being inspired. This is a great time for you to develop your intuitive powers more. Joining a meditation or mindfulness group or class will help you to still your mind so that you can be more open to intuitive promptings. Take note of your dreams too. Your Higher Self wishes to download some interesting ideas to you. For some Libras, getting a pet will add a whole new dimension to your life. But , be aware, having a pet is a big commitment , so make sure you can devote your time to them. Love life could pose problems for some Libras. Do I go or do I Stay? Make no hasty moves. Give the situation a lot of thought before you make a move. This is where honing your intuitive powers can be of great help. Those Libras in stable relationships have nothing to fear , but perhaps you do need to pay more attention to the needs of your partner. How long since you both sat down and discussed the relationship, asking each other if you are meeting one another’s needs? And if you feel that things are going a bit stale, do something about it. Children of Libras can amaze you this year, winning awards, passing tough exams and really making you feel proud. And for Libras born in September , there can be new babies. Your guiding, guardian angel is Metatron.

LUCKY NUMBERS:  4  8  21  44

LUCKY COLOURS: Silver. Pink. Scarlet

SCORPIO 2020 promises to be a year you will remember…..fondly! If you feel that things didn’t seem to get you anywhere in 2019 and you felt you were were going around in circles, be pleased to know that change is coming. For those of you who have felt like a becalmed ship , the wind of change is now filling your sails. However, it is important that you have some sort of destination in mind. Go with the winds of change but steer them to where you want to go. Time to make plans. Ask yourself ‘what do I really want’? Take an inventory of all aspects of your life: Relationships, Money, Career, Spiritual Growth, Health, Fun. Then make some decisions about what needs to be changed. Don’t be like flotsam and jetsam tossed about by the waves. Auspices are very good for career change. Especially for Scorpios born in October. That long awaited promotion could be on the cards for those of you in employment. For the Self- employed, new doors of opportunity are opening , especially for those brave enough to walk through. If you are born in November, then the emphasis is in the relationship area. Single Scorpios looking for love are likely to find it in the most unexpected places. Those Scorpios in committed relationships are likely to find a strengthening of their bond. New members of the family arrive for some and there could also be some older family members moving on. Some lovely holidays are ahead for you. If you are going somewhere remote, you may find an extraordinary surprise or have a life-changing revelation. Archangel Uriel is with you guide and inspire you. Whenever you see the colour purple out of the corner of your eye, that’s Uriel.

LUCKY NUMBERS:  7  14  29  36

LUCKY COLOURS: Purple. Lilac. Silver.

SAGITTARIUS Go slowly at the beginning of the year because as the year progresses, the tempo speeds up. You may find yourself in overload by the Spring. Now is a good time to practice pacing yourself. Take a look at your diary and deliberately book yourself some time out. As the traveller of the zodiac, this year is no exception and exotic locations are on the cards. An unusual place you visit this year could inspire you in ways you can’t yet imagine. And , for some Sagittarians, a visit to a foreign country is likely to be life changing. It may be through someone you meet or something you see that truly inspires you. It is a good time early in the year for you to look at a better dietary regime . Be sensible, make sensible changes, but avoid drastic measures as you know you won’t stick to them! Love comes for single Sagittarians in the most unexpected ways. If you are open to love , this is the year you find it. However, there are other Sagittarians who may have to make some serious long term changes in relationships that have gone past their ‘sell by’ date . If you are one of those, trying to please everybody just will not work. You just can’t. So it boils down to listening to your intuition and following your heart. Guidance from a Psychic or Astrologer could be of help. A great year to buy or invest in Real Estate. If you don’t intend to buy something new, enhancing the property you already have will pay dividends. Keep an eye on older relatives, all maybe not what it seems. Ask your special Archangel Zadkiel for guidance in all matters.

LUCKY NUMBERS:  7  13  21  33

LUCKY COLOURS: Red. Orange. Aqua.

CAPRICORN. Expect a year of change. For many of you , especially if you are born in December, change is long overdue . There is a saying that ‘ if you keep doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results, it’s a sign of insanity ‘. Time to think outside the box. It is also a time for all Capricorns to be a little more daring . ‘ Who dares wins ‘. ‘ Fortune favours the brave ‘ and all that. Cliches survive because they are true. Luckily your astrological alignments look very favourable and it seems to be a year of opportunity for those willing to move on with their lives. Don’t sit and wait for opportunity to knock on your door. The saying ‘opportunity knocks ‘ is silly, because it rarely does, you must go out and meet it. So , get out there and bravely meet those opportunities that are lining up for you. Young Capricorns have a great year, with exciting travel lined up and interesting romantic encounters for many of you. Older Capricorns in long term relationships may have to take a searching look and see where tweaks or changes need to be made. A good old heart-to-heart discussion with him or her would not go amiss. Health challenges for some of you may need to involve an ‘outside the box’ approach, perhaps looking at complimentary medicines and therapies. Life style changes are also a consideration. For those of you born in January, there are likely to be changes of home or work place. Don’t resist the changes, they are likely to be better than you expect and to have beneficial results. Cash flow improves as the year progresses. A very good time to invest in property, gold or precious metals. Your guiding angel Michael is with you to help you in all your affairs. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

LUCKY NUMBERS:  8   9   31   42

LUCKY COLOURS: Green, Gold, Amber.

AQUARIUS For you the time has come to really step into your power this year. No more holding back or hiding in the corner. Claim your good. Be aware of the power within you, go into your heart and feel the true essence of your being . Let go of your perceived limitations and any thoughts of not being good enough.

You ARE good enough and you know you can achieve. Look back at your successes and the trials you have overcome. Count your achievements and also see your perceived ‘failures’ as lessons you have learned and obstacles you have overcome. If you have been harbouring secret ambitions but have been hesitant, this is the year to put your plans into motion. Get some paper and sketch out a plan of action. Invite your Spirit Guides and your angels to guide you forward and to steer you. Let them , and your own inner voice from your heart, be your GPS/ SATNAV. Start a new business; change your job; learn a new skill; write a book ; whatever it is you have been holding back on doing, now in 2020 is when you can make great strides. For those of you in long term committed relationships, this year is when you will find a deeper connection. And for Aquarians who have been uncertain about their commitment, maybe you need to move on. Single Aquarians will find love in unlikely places . And many of you bring a touch of the exotic to your romantic lives. Get out in nature as much as you can. Walk in the trees and see if you can feel their energy. This is a good way for you to recharge your batteries. It will also enhance your general health and well-being. Stay out of family arguments and try not to take sides. This is an area of your life where in 2020 you could get embroiled in convoluted family dynamics. Act like a politician and try to just ‘smile and wave’. Give no opinions either way, but adopt a stance of loving non-attachment. Feel the presence and inspiration of Archangel Gabriel around you .

LUCKY NUMBERS:  9  15  18  39

LUCKY COLOURS: White. Silver. Bronze.

PISCES You may have been feeling a little out of sorts of late. So, perhaps it might be time to have a good detox on all levels. Firstly, physically ,by going on a sugar and carb free diet and drinking lots of water. Or have a chat with a nutritionist or dietician. After all , we are what we eat. Secondly, emotionally, get rid of old resentments and long held angers. Though the anger could be well justified, it is only harming you. The person you have been angry with, could be long gone or have no idea about how you are feeling. So just let it go and move on. Thirdly, on the mental level. Looking at your beliefs and ideas. Are your beliefs serving you well? If not, change them. It is simple, but not necessarily easy. But very well worth it. Read some positive thinking books or watch some uplifting and inspiring YouTube videos . As the year moves on you will find the pace of your life picking up on many levels and opportunities for change appear as if from nowhere. That job you’ve been hoping for could come along , or the business idea you have had in the back of your mind, suddenly seems highly possible. Love life may need an overhaul? Ask yourself if your needs are being met in this relationship , and if you feel they are not, it must be time for a chat with him/her. Many single Pisceans will find themselves in the position of having more than one option. If so, don’t rush into the first opportunity, but weigh up the options while you enjoy the attention. There is likely to be a change of residence or workplace. A new location and new scene should be stimulating. Holiday destinations to places off the beaten track will provide you with much enjoyment and may change or challenge some of your entrenched beliefs. All in all, it is a happy year for most Pisceans. And a year in which you learn a lot about yourself. The Angel by your side who is yearning to help you this year if Archangel Raguel.

LUCKY NUMBERS:  5  15  27  33

LUCKY COLOURS. Sky blue. Yellow and Gold