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Make this your year of growth and transformation.

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with Marianne Volonte and Anne Hassett

SUNDAY 1st July 2018

10:30 - 16:30
Flat 7, Equus House, BA1 9BE Bath UK

Discover your innate Character, Potential and Life Challenges!
Fingerprints are:

Reliable: fingerprints never change
Honest: fingerprints cannot be faked
Indelible: fingerprints cannot be manipulated
Efficient: fingerprints can be analysed in 10 minutes
Profound: fingerprints give insight into the subconscious mind
Unfiltered: fingerprints are not influenced by the conscious mind
Individual: each person has a unique set of fingerprints formed before birth
Objective: the logic of the fingerprint system can be compared to a math equation
Independent: fingerprints are independent from hereditary factors, DNA, gender, culture, etc.

Behavioural psychologist Marianne Volonté, has developed a method of how to analyse and decipher the information given in the fingerprints. Even before her law degree at the University of Zurich, Marianne has always been attracted towards psychology. Her interest in scientific hand and fingerprint analysis (no predictions or statements of health issues) was sparked by the fact that the fingerprints are set in the 16th week of pregnancy and independent of hereditary factors. Such evidence has allowed her to develop a new perspective on the early detection of the origin and cause of behavioural patterns.

Anne Hassett has had an interest in Hand analysis and has read many hands worldwide over her 37 year career. She is the author of the book 'Reading Your Child's Hand'. She has also been employed by Human Resource companies to provide them with information on what to look for in the aspiring candidate's hands. Anne recently met up with Marianne and they are now about to launch their book'Discover the Innate Potential of Children'.

COST: £ 70
Beverages and light lunch included

*Latest date for registration is June 20th.

Please email Marianne at
Or phone+44 7535 962864



Update your old 'programming' in minutes!

Summer Evening Workshop
Tuesday July 24th

Southdown, Bath Cost £25

An experiential fast-track session that gives you the tools to
overwrite old limiting beliefs - instantly!

Does money flow in, only to rush out again?
Struggling with a habit or addiction?
Dogged by health issues?

Learn this cutting edge tool to

Raise self-esteem; attract finance; enjoy better health;
enhance energy levels; & drop unwanted habits.

Instantly and permanently!

Book to secure your space:
01225 425117/07545 985 628






with facilitators


and yoga teacher Julie Newman

Mandali Retreat Centre. Italy

Built on a sacred site embracing Sacred Geometry

16th to 22nd September 2018


Would you like to learn how to look and feel youthful, have good health and live a happy life?

On this week long retreat at the stunning location of Mandali, we will
explore in depth how our beliefs not only affect, but actually shape , our
We will work on unlocking your deep unconscious beliefs that are sabotaging
every area of your life and teach you how to change them. You CAN avoid
serious disease and stay younger, healthier and full of bounce and Vitality
way into your later years.
To give you extra incentive to life your life to the full, we will help you
find your passion and align yourself with your life's purpose

You can also relax and renew yourself at this amazing place which is built on a sacred site according to the principles of sacred geometry

All at the stuunnin purpose built Retreat village , high above sea level
where the air is like champagne, overlooking beautiful Lake Orta in
Northern Italy.

Rooms vary and single rooms are popular so book early.

Shared: €1110
Hermitage €1170
Twin Garden €1248
Twin Lake €1308
Single Garden €1374
Single Lake €1440
Premium Twin €1440
Premium Single €1620

Please note prices are in EUROS ! Not pounds

There is nothing to pay for after you arrive as all is provided.

Not included in the price: flights to Milan Malpensa airport. Transfer from Airport to Mandali (arrange through Mandali when you book) Travel and personal insurance and Spa Treatments.

Please book directly through Mandali

Yoga every morning , delicious vegetarian food, ionised water.
Mandali is a Retreat village built according to sacred geometry.
Accommodation where everything is of the highest quality.
And a pool, jacuzzi and Therapy centre.

Anne Hassett has been involved in the field of Spirituality, Personal Growth and Self Awareness for thirty seven years and runs courses, seminars and retreats all over the world. Anne is co-founder, with Helen Grundy, of Golden Ray Transformations, an organisation designed to empower people and to help them develop their highest potential. Find out more about Anne at:

Helen Grundy is the Founder and Managing Director of Equilibrium Natural Health Centre in Corsham, Wiltshire UK and is co-founder, with Anne Hassett, of Golden Ray Transformations. Helen is a Therapist and Tutor with a passion for empowering and supporting others to be
successful, healthy and fulfilled in life."Being empowered is a pathway to fulfilment, happiness and well-being," says Helen.

YOGA TEACHER Julie Newman-Seunarayan has been involved in the Health and Well-being sector for over twenty six years in New Zealand, Fiji and the UK,helping many people achieve their goals. Julie is a fully qualified Hatha Yoga Teacher, Personal Trainer, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner and Skin Aesthetician. Her passion is to help others look good and feel great, to live the life they deserve and desire. Julie will be holding yoga classes each morning.



As well as seeing clients on a personal basis at my home in Bath, I am available for TELEPHONE AND SKYPE READINGS anywhere in the world. I have done a lot of these now and they really work. I have done readings on the phone for Canada, Hong Kong, Australia, Dubai, Egypt, Denmark,Thailand,New Zealand , The Philippines and U.K and everyone has been very happy with them.

Distance is no barrier to clairvoyance and psychic insight. All I have to do is close my eyes and it is all there !! Psychic ability is not bound by time or space, it is non-linear , non local. If it wasn't, it wouldn't work !!

If you are in U.K just phone me on 01225 425117 and we can compare diaries there and then and

* save endless to-ing and fro-ing by email.

For phone or Skype readings : E-mail me first and we will arrange a mutually suitable time for you to phone me. For payment details I will send you information on how to pay with Pay Pal. Please advise me of which country you are in, so I can offer appropriate times for different time zones.


REVIEWS from previous retreats:


Thank you Anne and Lyn for a brilliant weekend...my first experiance at a Retreat...but not my last,..cant wait to go again..Beautiful venue,the company of inspirational like minded women was delightful...very uplifting,loads of delicious healthy food...feel like a new woman lol....xx Dawn E.

I have just spent a miraculous healing weekend, Living In The Now, at Holland House led by the truly gifted Anne Hassett and Lyn Stones. I arrived as an exhausted, very low and defeated woman and left with a renewed sense of purpose, strength and positivity.
The day's flew by with meditations and workshops and the energy and comradeship between us all was fantastic. None of us wanted to leave. Holland House is very comfortable and the food is fabulous.
If you have the opportunity go, go, go! Sara. Wiltshire.

I Woke up feeling brand new this morning after another fab retreat with Anne Hassett and Lyn stones. The combination of a great bunch of strong, wise and inspirational women, Fabulous venue , way too much delicious food , loads of meditation and relaxation was exactly what was needed. I Loved every minute . Thank you all for being so amazing.. Paula Mc. Wilts. U.K.

Thank you for a wonderful life enhancing weekend. It's astonishing the love, energy, learning and wisdom that 11 women can create. You led us back to our true selves through guidance, meditation and transformative techniques. We laughed and we cried together. And Holland House, with all its ancient echoes and tranquil gardens, was the perfect peaceful setting. Lesley. Somerset. U.K.

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the Retreat in Pershore. It was great to see you again and I would definitely like to go on the Retreat in Italy.

I don’t think anyone would have been able truly open up and bear their Souls without feeling completely safe under your guidance and feeling loved and cared for within the Group. It was a magical experience not just to observe what people shared and the healing that took place but also to be part of it too. Thank you so much for making it happe. Lorraine. Surrey. U.K

Thank you for a wonderful weekend at Holland House, a perfect venue with beautiful gardens and amazing food! I went with sadness and a heavy heart. I found peace, laughter, love and light. It was a revelation on so many levels. Thank you. Anne J. Bath. U.K.


I have just returned from a most fabulous healing weekend retreat run by two loving and inspirational women Anne Hassett & Lyn Stones. It was a weekend full of learning, kindness, sharing, laughter, healing an altogether memorable and very powerful weekend with beautiful people in a stunning location -awesome food and the sun was with us all the way .... An Amazing blessing ... Thank you ...Love you all xxx Jen.

Dear Anne
What an amazing weekend! New Place is magical..from the moment you welcomed me upon arrival I felt instantly like coming home...... The meditations filled me with so much power and energy and at the same time gave me an instinct confidence about what lies ahead. My batteries were recharged, my spirit even more uplifted. And not to forget, the wonderful, warm hospitality provided by Heather and the fab food created by Sue. Thank you again Anne for an unforgettable experience. Monika, Switzerland

Thank you so much Anne for organising such an amazing retreat. It was an inspiring mix of people, meditation, nature and spiritual knowledge and I wish it had lasted longer. I loved the afternoon walk and chance to try a proper cream tea.. A.W . Bath

I just wanted to let you know that I had an amazing weekend that has left me feeling much more positive about life in general. The people were lovely and the setting was perfect, all adding to a very special time. Thanks once again Anne.... Helen. Bristol

The content of the weekend with the wonderful meditations was very uplifting. The food was wholesome and beautifully prepared. The venue could not have been surpassed ;beautiful views of the sea whilst enclosed in the heart of woodland . I would heartily recommend this retreat for anyone seeking to re-connect with their angels and their higher selves/ I met some wonderful like-minded people and also had a lot of fun....I could go on and on !! W.B Trowbridge

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Amazing transformation for all of us within just 4 days.....amazing guidance.....thank you thank, thank you, thank you.
S. Cheng. Hong Kong.

The June Retreat was awesome! A truly enlightening + magical experience... Shared with like minded people! Acushla/Anne is a fascinating teacher!!! And one thing's for sure I'll definitely be going back! Thank You. J.S.Bristol.

I had such a good time on the course and thank you for teaching us so many things even though it's just a fraction of your wisdom!
Shirley H. Hong Kong.

I just wanted to let you know that I had an amazing weekend that has left me feeling much more positive about life in general. The people were lovely and the setting was perfect, all adding to a very special time. Thanks once again Anne.... Helen. Bristol





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