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We call it Chinese New Year but it is actually celebrated widely in many countries in Asia including Japan and Vietnam. KUNG HEI FAT CHOI !

With the guidance of Kwan Yin and my Spirit Guide Master Ho, I have downloaded some insights for The Year of The Pig. It is my Joy and Pleasure to share them with you. Click on for your own particular sign.


This is the Year of the Earth Pig.

Year of the Pig 2019 : a year of fortune and luck!

The Pig is in the last (12th) position in the Chinese Zodiac. You are a "Pig Chinese Zodiac native" if you are born in one of these years: 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019 .

The Pig is the last sign in the lunar zodiac cycle, before we come to the Year of the Rat on 24th January 2020. Thus it signifies the end of a 12 year cycle. Consequently it is a year of looking back and taking stock. Seeing the mistakes we made and what we actually learned from them. Also looking at the high points and successes during that cycle. We can then get a picture of what actually worked for us and what did not. It would therefore be very foolish to repeat the behaviour or actions that caused us pain and distress. Or even loss.

The year of the Pig emphasises security and money. In western culture, children are given 'piggy banks' - - - a pig shaped money box- - with a slit in the top through which to put in the money and to save it. And , also in western culture, when a man went out to work and to bring home money for his family, it was often said the he ' brought home the bacon' !

2019 is certainly a year with great emphasis on money and security. Lessons learnt in the past must now be put to good use, not to be frugal, but careful, and to avoid excess. Hard work pays off . Diligence and prudence are the key to advancement this year.

2019 is a good year for investments in solid things, such as precious metals , land, property or tangible resources. Read your particular sign for more specific detail. Past investments that may have been lying fallow are likely to pay off this year.

The financial markets could be quite volatile as there is so much political uncertainty everywhere. Banks may get a bit jittery and borrowing money from banks is likely to be difficult. If you are born in the year of the Pig be wary of lending money , especially to friends or family, it may take some time to get it back...if ever!

Expect some political upheaval as the world re-shuffles its systems in preparation for 2020 and much change and realignment. Put down solid foundations in preparation for sweeping planetary changes in the coming years.

A good year for Pigs in love and friendships and it looks a very sociable year ahead. There is great temptaion to go a bit overboard in all things , so discipline needs to be employed , especially regarding food and drinking.

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KEFALONIA .GREECE May 12-19. 2019



Many of you ask me

'What happens after we die?'

I was recently gifted a book that not only was a delightful read, but it made complete sense to me as it confirmed so much of what I had believed myself about life after death.

It has a Christian bias, but I do believe that as Frances Banks talked about a place in the afterlife that had a very Christian feel to it, that there are also such places for Buddhists, Hindus,Muslims, Jews etc. As, when we leave our bodies, we will gravitate to the frequency that best supprts us and where we will feel comfortable and 'at home'.

Read it, keep an open mind and see for yourself.

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