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Greetings and blessings to all you lovely souls!

Summer will soon turn into Autumn and we, too, begin to turn inwards, to ponder and think. The halcyon days of summer recede and a seriousness settles upon us.

Sometimes we start to ask ourselves the perennial questions. Who am I ? What is my life purpose? How can I be a better person? How can I be of service to myself and others?

It is good that we reflect. And it is good that we continually want to grow and to improve ourselves.

With that in mind, I'm always on the lookout for ways to help and be of assistance to my lovely clients, and have a couple of workshops coming up that would certainly provide some tools for change.

Life really is a great adventure!


Sunday 15th September


Men are welcome to join us !

With Bindi Gauntlett and Anne Hassett

At Weston Hub.Penn Hill Rd., Bath BA14EH


More details on website

Tuesday 8th October
By Popular demand....
This workshop gets filled every time as clients use the technique to effect major life changes
With Anne Hassett
7-9.30 pm in Bath.
Tuesday 8th October

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Proposed cover!

I would love your comments. Do you like the cover?

My exciting news is that my brand new book THE LAW OF RADIANCE is now with the publisher and will available in October.Be assured I will let you know when, as I feel it is a 'must read' for anyone who is on a spiritual journey. I received an enormous amount of download from Higher Consciousness as the ideas flowed non-stop.

What is it about?

I was meditating some months ago and the Law of Attraction came to mind. A little voice in my head whispered 'to really attract, you must radiate that which you wish to attract'. Radiation and Attraction are a powerful dynamic. One cannot work without the other. The book explains how we must first radiate that which we wish to attract. The book tells you how.
I feel this book has been divinely guided as I would wake up at night with new ideas that I just had to get up and write down.

I have learned a lot from this book, so I know it was downloaded to me. I feel it came through me and not from me. I am having a book launch in Hong Kong on Tuesday 29th October.

I plan to have a book signing in U.K mid November. You will be invited.

Here is the new revised and updated version of Dynamic Ageless You and The Power of Saying F*** IT. Available from my shop. Click on picture for more details.



A male colleague and I decided that there are lots of retreats for women, but few for men.

Men need help too, the male suicide rate is higher than ever. So we are putting on a retreat in Feb 2020 for men only

February 21/22/23


Emotions are not just for women!

At beautiful Holland House Retreat. Pershore. Worcs.

To see more and to find details of how to book , see EVENTS on my website.


And, of course , I am always here for one-to-one consultations and Quantum ReCoding one-to-one sessions.

And, remember, you can have a FREE daily Angel Reading on my website.

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Looking forward to seeing you soon,
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