Making time for YOU this summer


Hello to all you Special Souls!

I hope life is being good to you.


We are not just humans trying to be Spiritual.

We are Spiritual Beings experiencing a human existence.

When we remember who we truly are, then all things fall into place. It is important for us to not only remember who we are but to act from that awareness.

Our true and real Self is unlimited. If we could but remember that all the time, our lives would be unimagineably better. A great teacher once said 'Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven and all things shall be added unto you' . He then went on to say 'The Kingdom of Heaven is within'.

The buzz word these days is consciousness and that is what it is all about. Where is our consciousness focussed? On our human limited little selves/ our ego? Or are we daily becoming more aware of our Inner Self? The more we practice living and working from that higher state of consciousness, the better our lives become.

It takes practice!

It takes awareness, practice and committment. We need to make time to meditate and to be more aware.Taking ourselves away from our daily routine for a day, a weekend or a week , so that we can get away from the distractions of our daily lives , gives us time to stop, to think and to go within.

If you cannot manage this, take yourself off to the woods for an hour or two, but best of all, make time for you to have a retreat and time to reflect on who you truly are, your priorities and your purpose in life.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This next retreat in Kefalonia is my last one there. I have resigned from Golden Ray Transformations. It has been a real pleasure to work with Helen. But I feel called in a new direction. The strange thing is that I do not yet know what that new diraction is. I'm in that liminal space between one phase of my life and the next. I also feel that I need more 'me' time , maybe to get back in touch with my creative side and I have a couple of books on the go that I never seem to get time to write. I will still be doing my readings and some other courses I am already comitted to.

So many people; most of my clients; also seem to be in that liminal space right now and it can be scary for some. The important thing is to be aware of it. To be in it. And not to worry or try to figure out where to go next. Just let go of what is outworn. Your Higher Self knows excatly what is coming up for you. So stop trying to figure it out and be ready for when the 'call' comes . Your Higher Self will let you know clearly. Listen to the inner promptings and , most of all, do not worry.

Meditate whenever you can.

Make space in your life.

If your life is too full already, how can there be a space for the new to drop in. Let go of old patterns and behaviours. Do not dwell on the past. Be in the moment and the future will reveal itself when everything is lined up.

And, just for today, do the next right thing.

Due to an immense interest in Quantum ReCoding, Angela and I are putting on another workshop in July. The book is still in progress but slow due to scientific research being done to confirm facts.



* You will find details, prices etc at NEWS and EVENTS



You deserve to be truly happy.

MAY 12-19.

With Helen Grundy and Anne Hassett
One week retreat in Glorious Kefalonia. Greece

We have ONE space left. (We could arrange another is you wish to bring a friend)



Sunday 16th June


Have you always wondered about Tarot?
Would you like to learn how to use these powerful cards to do readings for yourself and others?
Then, this workshop is for you.
At the end of the day, you will confidently read for others.
Time: 10.30 am to 5pm.
Venue: My home in Bath.
01225 425117
Cost. £48




Supercharge your life by fixing limiting beliefs instantly!

With Anne Hassett & Angela Clarence

7-9.30 pm in Bath.

Tuesday 9th July.






July 12/13/14

Connect with your Innermost Being, Nature and your Higher Power

Weekend Residential Retreat with ANNE HASSETT at beautiful NEW PLACE. PORLOCK. Anne Hassett will be facilitating the weekend and will conduct guided meditations and offer a channeling session for the group from The Lady of Love and Light. Anne will also guide you to go inwards to connect with your own Sacred Heart and will take you on a guided journey to connect with your guides and spirit helpers.

In the loving embrace of the beauty all around you, you can allow the barriers to fall away and connect with what is real.
Most of Saturday will be spent in Sacred Silence. In that quiet space you can disconnect from the distractions of the world and listen to the 'still small voice ' within.


Da Nang. Vietnam

November 21 -25 . 2019


Do you feel like you would like to achieve a higher state of consciousness?
Are you aware of the immense power of your Heart Intelligence?
Do you feel like you would like time out to explore your life purpose?
Do you feel a calling to spiritually go beyond where you are now?
Do you feel you are becoming more intuitively aware?


If you come from Europe, you could stay on a bit longer and visit the many World Heritage sites nearby. Hoi An, Hue etc. And visit one of the many hundredes of tailors shops at Hoi An, where you can choose from sumptious silks and other fabrics and have some exquisite clothes made for very little money. And its only a taxi ride from Da Nang !

And, remember the

One-to-one Mini Workshops

I have been guided to offer. A whole afternoon just for you .

Details on the website.


The above are proving to be quite popular.


I'm sure that you will find something to excite you from the above menu. My mission in life is to be of service and to help in any way I can. So do not hesitate to contact me . I may not always have the answer for you, but my Guides and Spirit helpers are always around to lend their wisdom.

As part of my mission to be of help, there are many things on my website that can be of help too.

Wishing you Insight, Harmony and Abundant Blessings,





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