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FOR 2018

I am not an Astrologer. Each Astrological Sign has its own Overlighting Angel . By tuning in to this Angel I get predictions for the coming year. The angels can be uncannily accurate as the client feedback has shown. Hope the following is of help to you.

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Relax. Things may not be happening as fast as you would like in the early weeks of the year. In fact, just relax and enjoy this brief respite. All too soon, you will be back in the running and will find yourself juggling time to try to fit everyone and everything in.

This might just be a good opportunity to take a look at your life and get a perspective on where you are going.
Take some time out and get your priorities straight!
Springtime sees new activity and new opportunities abounding for you. Be selective. You can afford to be. Do not take the first offer that comes along.

Business looks very promising for you and in the summer you may surprise yourself with your extraordinary insights and inventive ideas. Do not let cash flow issues hold you back. Borrow if you have to. Find an investor or sell some assets to give you the capital to push your new ideas forward. Always be responsible of course, but take a chance. (Calculated risk)

Love life looks a bit up-and -down in the early part of the year. Be sure not to neglect your partner. Some Aries relationships may need to be re-evalued this year and may need to be either re-invented or allowed to come to a graceful end.

Single Aries people are in for some exciting times.
Family issues take up much of your time. Sometimes it may be a good idea to say "No". There are also some great rewards coming through family and close friends. Old friends , from way back, re-enter your life.

Lucky Numbers: 7, 15. 33
Lucky Colours: Green. Gold and Purple.
Lucky Places: Finland. China and South America.
Your Special Angel for this year: Archangel Ariel.


As soon as the Festive Season of Christmas and New Year comes to an end, roll up your sleeves and get cracking. There is an ebb and flow in the energy of each persons life. Early 2018 looks like a time when the energies are in your favour. You've got the 'wind at your back' as it were.

Your best time for relaxation and taking time out is not until around April or May. At that time, a nice trip to a health Spa or taking yourself off on a nice retreat will be very beneficial.

Summer and Autumn time finds you in creative mode. Bursting with ideas and impatient to get on with life. This is also a good time for you to move home or workplace. Also a good time to invest in real-estate.
Relationships with loved ones get a bit tricky as somehow your partner feels in an untrusting mood and you may have to be extra careful not to give them cause to doubt you. Single Taureans strike lucky in July and August.
Autumn and Winter are good months for you to learn something new, take a course or expand on your knowledge. Foreign travel is also well aspected at this time.

Elderly relatives need support and there could be hospitalisation for someone close.
It looks like 2018 is an exciting time for you to travel to a destination you have always wanted to visit. Entering Prize Draws for Holidays and Trips could be lucky for you too.
Your own health is generally good , but diet and over indulgence could be an issue.

Lucky Numbers: 5, 6, 29
Lucky Colours: Green, Yellow, Silver.
Lucky places : Argentina. Italy. Scotland.
Your Special Angel for this year: Archangel Michael.


If you have been feeling a bit out of sorts of late, maybe you need to take a look at your life in a bit more depth. See a Psychic or Astrologer. Go on a Spiritual Retreat. Or just take time out on your own, away from everyone and everything familiar , and take a good long look at your life.

Is it going how you want it to? And, if not, where do you need to make changes? And then , go ahead and take charge of your life. Decide not to be a victim to people, places or things. Now is a good time to take a look at issues like Self Esteem. Start to believe in yourself. You do deserve the best.

If you have a belief in a Higher Power, try some prayer.
A new home is likely for some Geminis. And one or two of you may even decide to move to another country or to an entirely different part of your own country.
For most Taureans, love life looks cosy . But those with birthdays in the early part of the Taurean season may have to decide if you still want to go on with this person or whether the whole format of the relationship needs to change or end.

For those of you with work where you are expressing your creative passion, you can expect some exciting opportunities. Geminis in the corporate world will have to decide to change the status quo or move on.
The end of this year of 2018 looks like the most exciting time of the year for you, with many of your secret desires coming to pass in extraordinary ways.

Your lucky Numbers: 9. 34, 45
Lucky Colours: Red. Lilac and Green.
Lucky Countries: Ireland, Portugal, Japan
Your Special Angel. Archangel Sandalphon


Time for a good old Spring Clean of your life, even if it is not Spring yet ! Take a good long look at what and who is holding you back. Maybe it is YOU who is holding you back. Maybe you do not believe in yourself. Do you think you are 'not good enough'? 'Not worthy' ? Not smart enough? Too old? Too young? Too something?

Time to off load your limiting beliefs and replace them with positive ones about yourself. Science now proves that BELIEF holds the key to everything , from our Health and Wellbeing to our Success in business or in our personal life. How do I do this? you ask. There are books galore on the subject and lots of Youtube videos on how you can change. Take a look at Mike Dooley. Abraham Hicks. Tony Robbins, to name but a few. The help is readily and freely available.

The doors of opportunity are ready to open big time for you this year, but you must have the confidence to step through And you must feel you deserve it or you could so easily sabotage your good fortune.
You have some unique gifts to offer. So time to step out and be the great person you are meant to be.
Love life holds some nice surprises. For those of you who are single, this could very well be the year in which you meet your true love. And for some of you who have been having challenges in your long time relationships, there appears to be resolution and the promise of more harmony.

If you work in the service area or in the medical world, you could be offered a better job. And, if you are self employed this is the year to stretch yourself, push the boundaries.
Young people may cause some upset or worry in the family. If you don't react, it will quickly blow over.

Your Lucky Numbers: 11, 22, 47
Lucky Colours: Orange. Violet and White.
Lucky Places: Belgium. Vietnam and Poland.
Your Special Guardian Angel for 2018: Archangel Metatron


Plan ahead now. Sit down and do an almost military exercise of writing down your goals and plans. Make a list of your assets including your personal gifts and talents. And while you are list making, also list your characteristics which need improving. Clarity is what you need right now, plus a burning desire to achieve your dreams this year.

It is possible. All the signs are in your favour. That is why it is important for you to be absolutely clear on what you want . Achievement is in the air for you, so you don't want to achieve something that you might later regret.

Take a good long hard look at your personal relationship too. See where you can make improvements and sit down with your partner and have a good heart-to-heart dialogue. For this of you who are single. The situation is that you may attract more than one possible lover at around the same time. So , don't rush. Observe, and take your time.
Travel is very much in the offing for you this year and in the early Autumn the opportunity to have an exciting adventure could come your way.

There are several family celebrations and you could also find yourself sharing in the success or joy of a close friend or family member.
This is a good year for you if you are thinking of setting up your own business or going freelance. This applies especially if what you are doing is in any way creative or to do with travel or the hospitality industry.
A new home is possible for many of you.

Your Lucky Numbers: 6, 17, 25
Lucky Colours: Red. Bronze. Navy Blue.
Lucky Places: India, Any Scandinavian country . Morocco.
Your Special Angel for 2018: Archangel Uriel.


Despite the appearance of uncertainty in the world, it really is all going in the right direction. So stop fretting dear Virgo. There is a Power in the Universe that is greater than any of us and you may turn to that Power (whatever you conceive that power to be) and put your trust in it and be assured that you will be wonderfully taken care of.

The trials and tribulations of the past few years in your life are but lessons. Let us hope that you have learned from them. Now is the time to put those lessons into practice and for you to move forward in trust and certainty.
You have proved yourself. You have arrived at a place of maturity. This year you will find that many around you will look to you for guidance and leadership. Step forward and shine!

Ideas that have been buzzing around in your head for a while, come together and you find a new sense of direction. You may find that you become a Pathfinder and lead others forward. Certainly , others will be looking to you for inspiration. Give it to them.

Time to change a few things around in your home or workplace. Maybe have a look at the Feng Shui of the space in which you spend most of your time. You may even decide that you need a bigger place or more space.
You may be challenged by family or close friends needing too much from you. Rather than trying to fix things for them, show them how they can fix things for themselves. Practice a little of the Buddhist idea of Non-attachment. (That is different to being DEtached.)

A change of hairstyle or a change of colour in your clothing can bring new energy and you will find that others see you more clearly.

Children or young people around you provide a sense of delight. An invitation to a wedding or big celebration heralds new encounters that bring you opportunities.

Your Lucky Numbers: 3. 16. 35
Lucky Colours: Soft Baby Pink. Sky Blue. Silver.
Lucky Places: France (particularly Paris) Oregon U.S.A. Cambodia
Your Special Angel for 2018: Archangel Hanael


A new year. A new You!
Not that there was anything wrong with the old you. Far from it. You can congratulate yourself for your performance last year. Despite all your challenges, you are still going strong.

Now is the time to really move forward. Spread your wings. Fly. You can do it.

It is time to redesign your life and to redefine your mission. If you already know what your mission on earth is , then maybe all it needs is a tweak. But for most Librans, this is now a time of honouring who and what you are.
If you are unclear what your mission on earth actually is, then take a look at what you are good at : what brings you joy. Sharing your unique gifts with others is your way of giving service.

Talk to your guides and your Guardian Angel and ask for signs and signals. Then follow those signs and signals. Or visit a reliable Psychic for some guidance.

Love life also needs a tweak. If you are unhappy in your present relationship, its time to ask yourself what's in it for either of you. If you are not meeting one another's needs, then better off single. Or available for a new relationship. If you are not happy, it is unlikely that you can make your partner happy either! The truth of the matter is that no one can make another person happy anyway. Happiness is an inside job.
Career wise......ask yourself if your career is in alignment with your special mission in life? Or is it in alignment with who you are?

Your creative Inner Self is ready for expression. Be ready to express your creative talents.
Family members may surprise you in a very positive way in the coming months and you may see an altogether nicer side of someone close to you.
Foreign travel brings unusual benefits.

Your Lucky Numbers: 8, 24, 36
Lucky Colours: Blue, Green, Orange.
Lucky Places: Germany (particularly Berlin). Canada. Greece.
Your Special Angel for 2018. Archangel Sandalphon.


The story of your life unwinds in a beautiful and unexpected way as this year progresses. Long held desires have a way of coming to fruition. Remember the old saying " What's yours in the universe comes to you". Through the power of The Law of Attraction you can attract your long held desires in this coming year.

One word of warning, do not dismiss out of hand any invitations or propositions that come your way. Saying 'no' immediately , without examining the offer, could be how you turn away your good.
The same is true for people you encounter. The least likely ones could be the very ones who hold the key to your desires.

There is a strong temptation to over indulge and this could be detrimental to your health and wellbeing. Moderation is strongly suggested.
Work opportunities are best around May and June. Whereas the best time for love life and personal affairs if Spring and Autumn.

A work invitation from another country is worth looking at.
If you are a creative Scorpio, your creative endeavours bear fruit in gorgeous juicy ways. If your work is in the corporate sector, changes of boss or colleagues may make you consider looking for a new employer or even a complete change of career.

Investments look good for you. Particularly tangible things like gold, silver or real estate. Hold back on intangibles.
A chance encounter while on a journey is surprisingly beneficial for one or more Scorpios. especially those born in early to mid November.

Your Lucky Numbers: 4, 13, 27
Lucky Colours: Silver. Grey and Scarlet. Wear Opals for extra good fortune!
Lucky Places.: U.S.A. Italy . Thailand.
Your Special Angel for 2018. Archangel Raphael.


Take time out in the first few weeks of 2018. You need to step back from your every day activities to see what is good for you and what is not. That may include some people in your circle who are draining your energies. For them you need not be so readily available.

Take yourself off on a retreat if you can. Even a weekend away gives you some time for YOU. Those creative juices that you thought had dried up, begin to flow again.
In the third week of January, you get your energy back and then it is 'full steam ahead'. You are full of enthusiasm and new ideas. Make sure you do not overdo things again . This year it would be good for you to schedule several short breaks into your life, scattered throughout the year. Learn to work smarter and not harder.
Like a true Sagittarian, you have a lot of travel to come in 2018. Some of those 'bucket list' names will be crossed off your list.

Love life provides some surprises. Married Sagittarians need a good heart-to-heart talk with partner. Being taken for granted does not sit well with you. Single Sagittarians need to exercise prudence and not to rush in to the first opportunity that crops up.
Watch your health. In the sense of not overdoing things and making sure you are eating the right things to get adequate nutrition. An exercise regime would be of enormous benefit. Especially something like Tai Chi or Yoga. (gently does it!).

Family celebrations are on the cards and there is likely to be news of a new baby.
Your Spiritual life takes on a new depth and meaning. Meditation is suggested. You will find your self 'downloading' spiritual information and ideas.
Animals play an important role in the Autumn. And someone around you who is an animal lover may need your help and assistance.

Your Lucky Numbers. 7, 13, 33
Lucky Colours: Red. Cobalt Blue. Gold.
Lucky Places. Italy. Greece. Hong Kong.
Your Special Angel for 2018: Archangel Zadkiel.


The blocks and the brakes that have been slowing you down are being removed after the Lunar New Year in February. Until then be patient, remember the old saying " You can't push the river". Using the analogy of rivers, when your particular river starts to flow, be ready to float on it.

Your Mantra for 2018 is 'Go for it'!
This is a good year to change your job or to start a new business. Any business involving commodities is well aspected. The same is true for technology.

If , however, your business is in the area of service to others or in the medical world, Look at every angle very carefully before you make any move. The latter part of 2018 may be a better time for you to change. If you are self-employed or run your own business, Summer/Autumn seems to be your best time.

Love life needs a boost of excitement or enthusiasm. If you are in a committed relationship, take a look at where you and your partner can inject some more fizz into your relationship. Go back to when you first met. What attracted you to each other? If that attraction is still there , celebrate it . Bring back the romance. If its not there, then some serious questions need addressing , such as ...Do you still want to be together? And if the answer is Yes, sit down and talk to one another about how you can improve things between you.
For single Capricorns, the admirers start to emerge and you could be spoilt for choice. Ask yourself if you have a fear of commitment? And look at the reason why.

A new baby or a new addition to the family is on the cards for some Capricorns. And family life in general looks positive. Those Capricorns with school age children have reason to be proud of the children's achievements .

Your Lucky numbers are : 3, 19, 44
Lucky colours. Orange. Yellow and Rose Red.
Lucky Places : Jamaica. Scotland. Austria.
Your Special Angel for 2018. Archangel Jophiel.


Use the early part of January for a good tidy-up in all areas of your life. De clutter your papers. Clear out your wardrobe. If you have clothes you have not worn for three years, get rid of them. Time to get rid of old stuck energy. Go through the books on your shelves. If the bookshelves are cluttered with books that no longer mean anything to you, then take them to a Charity shop.

Also, take a look at any old worn-out beliefs you may have. Like " Money doesn't grow on trees", " Life is tough", " I'm always in the wrong place/relationship/ job etc". Clear them out. They have not served you well. Learn all you can about Positive Thinking, The Law of Attraction and Positive Mental attitude. Watch how your life begins to change as you change your beliefs from negative to positive.

Move away from the nay-sayers and the negative people. Their energy is toxic.
As you move into March and April things take a turn for the better. Doors that previously were closed to you, now begin to open. Helpful people appear on the scene.
Take some time out in the summer to recharge. An exotic holiday destination beckons. This is also a good time to go on a Self-improvement retreat or seminar.

Love life is extra spicy for some Aquarians. Resist the temptation to be naughty. You'll get found out.
Pets and children bring both concern and delight to married Aquarians. Pets because of illness and children who may be having problems with peers at school. The children can also surprise because of positive exam results.

Autumn is a great time for you if you decide to learn something new. You will be tempted to stretch your mind to discover new things. And creative Aquarians take up new projects. You will find your talent is far better than you thought it was. And praise and acclaim spur you on to even greater endeavours.

Your Lucky Numbers: 8, 18, 32
Lucky colours: Pale blue. Light green. White.
Lucky Places : Taiwan. Australia . Dubai
Your Special Angel for 2018: Archangel Camael


Your new year could get off to a hectic start. Be sure to learn to pace yourself. If you do too much too soon or too quickly, you could run out of energy even before the end of January comes. Remember, there is a whole year ahead of you , even a whole lifetime. You don't have to do everything at once.

A better approach would be to plan ahead. And take things slowly at first. Build up speed and momentum.
Watch your health in February. Make sure your immune system is good by taking essential oils, vitamins and minerals.

There may be some sticky unfinished business left over from 2017. Attend to it before you move on. Especially if it impinges on your love life or family life.

It might be time to think of change in the workplace at this time. You can do better. If you are thinking of studying or doing a course that will add to your qualifications, now is a great time to do so.

Pisceans are very often involved in the caring professions and for many of you there are some very interesting new job opportunities. You could receive very lucrative offers to work abroad; worth thinking about.
In your love life, beware of fantasising or reading too much into someone's attention to you. Allow things to unfold and be clear on what is going on before you dash in and embarrass yourself. Married or committed Pisceans may be having doubts about their relationship, don't do anything rash. Think. Think. Think before you make any rash decisions. The grass is not always greener on the other side.

Single Pisceans can expect some exciting times.
Your intuition becomes stronger this year . Listen to it.

Your Lucky numbers: 13, 27. 39
Lucky colours: Green. Gold. Violet.
Lucky places. Iceland. Peru. The Philippines.
Your Special Angel for 2018. Archangel Gabriel.


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