Psychic since childhood, Anne / Acushla has been working as a Psychic Consultant for 40 years. She is known world wide and has a large and loyal following. She is respected for the accuracy of her insights and her no-nonsense approach in helping her clients with their problems. See her Testimonials. 

Anne’s approach is a loving one and ,even if she sees something negative or challenging in a reading, she will always give some guidance on how to overcome the problem and will suggest an alternative and more satisfying reality. Anne believes that the future is not set in stone. She sometimes refers to herself as a ‘Psychic Sat / Nav or Psychic GPS’, believing that if we have knowledge of forthcoming difficulties we can be prepared for them and, in most instances, avoid them. 

When you have a consultation with Anne, with the help of her Spirit Guides and Angels and perhaps your own guides and angels too, she will give you insight and guidance on your life path, why you are here, the forthcoming challenges and how to navigate the path ahead to your best advantage.


June  2021
So again thank you so so much for your time, and your connection with the divine is truly such a gift to the world, you have helped to guide me and be the last nudge of encouragement regarding so many things in my life… truly, thank you because I am the happiest, most humble, most grateful I have ever been.
Jasmine. Australia

Thanks once again. I feel full of renewed purpose but calm that all is well for now. You have really helped me make sense of the gut feelings I have been experiencing and confirmed my understanding of who I am and what I’m here to do at soul level.

Caroline B. Chippenham. U.K.

I just wanted to thank you for your time on Saturday. You were and are amazing.I gained great direction from you and your cards. The experience was hugely positive. All the wonderful recommendations about you were all spot on. You are an inspiration.

Katie G. U.K

Hello Anne, Words fail me in penning this THANK YOU note ! We Love, Admire and Appreciate all the guidance and Wise words of Advice you have given our family during a challenging period in our lives. Am grateful to the Cosmos above for sending such a wonderful FAIRY GODMOTHER into our Lives who has over the years weaved her magic by sorting out the challenges of each and every member and gently nudging them in the right direction to take that gentle leap forward.With your acumen you highlighted our strengths and worked through our weaknesses- while always keeping in mind Ethics and helped in analyzing our situation and keeping our Focus! This has made us take several right and timely decisions thereby minimizing pitfalls. We couldn’t have asked for more….

A beautiful human, an exceptional guide and a compassionate cross cultural Nurturer. In all your roles you have played over the years – there is only one word which describes you in completion – FANTASTIC!!!! We are indeed blessed dearest Anne….As our journey continues In humble gratitude