In today’s modern, hectic world, the ego has taken centre stage. We focus on getting rather than giving; we worship the physical; we’ve forgotten our true origins.

“To attract, we must first radiate. To radiate, we must be aware of who we truly are”.

We’ve misplaced our consciousness, our beingness. But these things are not lost. They are within us—they are us. We just need to remember how to connect with them. Written by spiritual expert Anne M Hassett, Law of Radiance guides you through the process of rediscovering your inner self and recognising the strength and impact of your thoughts, feelings and emotions.

It’s a timely reminder that we all have huge power within ourselves to heal, to radiate and attract love, and to channel our inner Source for good. Our true self is never gone. We can always be more than we think we are. And in recognising that, we stand on the threshold of a golden era.


We have fallen into the pattern of thinking that because we are getting older in years, we must also suffer from the deterioration of ageing and anyone who suggests otherwise must be barking mad! Do we have to age? Certainly not. Of course we grow older, but we do not have to age in the traditional way.

Combining Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science, we now have the understanding, the information and the tools to live longer, fully functional lives. Science today, is what miracles were to our ancestors. A shift in our beliefs can extend our life span and revolutionise our ideas about ageing. The belief in growing old and ageing is one of the biggest limiting factors in our lives.


When we know the truth and know who and what we are, we can change those old erroneous beliefs and setourselves free. Free to live longer, healthier and more productive lives.

What parent wouldn’t want to know more about his or her child’s gifts and talents in order to make more informed choices about school subjects? Or to learn about potential weaknesses so that they could be overcome early on? Or to steer a child towards a career that will be fulfilling and lucrative? All this and more can be discovered by understanding what’s written on a child’s palm. Palmistry provides parents with the means to be better informed and more effective.

By learning to read their child’s palm, for example, parents can identify and nurture talents, anticipate and control anti-social characteristics, encourage leadership qualities and appreciate a quickness to learn or a tendency to procrastinate! And it’s not hard to acquire these skills using this fully illustrated and intriguing guide! Here, parents will learn to read the important lines and shapes that impact on personality and potential and see how to use this information to become more sympathetic to, and knowledgeable about their child.

The power of saying F*** It

Revised, updated version for 2019 of my most popular book so far.

You’ve spent years ‘working on yourself’. You’ve had the therapies, been on all the motivational workshops, listened to the tapes, read all the self-help books and made affirmations till you’re blue in the face…………….and you’re still not there.There is an easier way. Relax. Try a good old expletive like the ‘F’ word ! Find a Source of Power greater than yourself to tap into. Surrender; wait for the magic. This book shows you how.


Some years ago,  as Anne/Acushla was baby sitting her grandsons, and while they were busy with a game of basketball, she heard a voice whisper to her that she had to write down what they were about to tell her.

She took a pencil and paper there and then and wrote down the beautiful and wise words give her by the angels. She knows that the wisdom contained in their words could not have come from herself, nor with such speed and clarity.

These Angelic Whispers have a depth and wisdom when pondered upon. You can use them as a guide to help you in your daily life. Hold a question in your mind and then open a page to see what the angels have to say.

Acushla invited her clients to submit pictures for the book illustrations. Each one is individual and reflects the artists own soul.


Wouldn’t you love to find a way to really understand and help your child ?

There is a way………nature has provided it. It is in the fingerprint patterns and marks on the hand.

Modern fingerprint and hand analysis is based on scientific facts and on 50 years empirical experience and offers deep insight into the character, potential and challenge of every individual.Fingerprints are completely formed in the fourth month of pregnancy and remain the same over the entire course of our lives.

Analysis of the hands and fingerprints allows early detection of basic character traits which will be reflected in behaviour patterns. Fingerprints are independent of hereditary factors and of gender, culture and age.

The knowledge and understanding of the information in this book is a must for all parents and other caregivers such as teachers, therapists , doctors and all those involved in the care, nurturing and upbringing of children.

Armed with the knowledge contained in this book, you will be able to assess and stimulate your child’s character, skills, talents and abilities. And by being aware of their shortcomings you will be able to help the child to overcome or work with their  unique challenges.  And to maximise their strengths and talents.

This is a book that no parent, caregiver or teacher should be without.

 Our children are the future of mankind.

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