With the easing of the lockdown I am delighted to offer the forthcoming workshops at a private house in Corsham.

Tuesday August 11th


7pm to 10pm . £25.

Learn who and what angels are, and how they help you in your life.

Learn about the different Angelic realms.

Meet your very own Guardian Angel.

Learn his/her name. Receive guidance for your life.

Go on a guided journey to the Temple of Healing to meet Archangel Raphael, the Archangel of Healing.

Receive healing for yourself and others.

Saturday 22nd August


10.30 TO 5 PM. Cost £50.

Bring own lunch. Drinks provided.

Everything is energy. We are beings of consciousness and light. As we raise our consciousness to connect more with the Source of our being, the better our lives become. We become a vibrational match for situations, events and people who are also vibrating on a higher frequency. We begin to Radiate that which we seek and then we attract it. We set in motion The Law of Attraction.

We will use meditation, chanting, art and colour, breathing and mindfulness to raise frequencies. We will seek to make a more conscious connection to our Higher Power.

Saturday 26th September.


10.30 to 5pm. Cost £50.

Bring own lunch. Drinks provided.

Have you always wondered about Tarot?

Would you like to learn how to use these powerful cards to do readings for yourself and others?

Then, this workshop is for you.

Learn the secrets of this amazing tool.

At the end of the day, you will confidently read for others.

Tuesday October 13th.


7pm to 10pm . £25

Using consciousness-raising techniques you can learn how to meet your Spirit Guides and Angels. You will also be shown how to see the aura and the guides of others. Even if you are a newcomer, there is no pressure. It will be a loving and relaxing evening.


The June Porlock Retreat is now scheduled for September, all being well. It is fully booked.


The September KENYA retreat is deferred until February 2021.

Please take very good care of yourselves. Most of all, keep your frequency and vibration high. The virus exists on a low frequency, so if we buy into fear, we are becoming a vibrational match to the virus and thus are more likely to attract it.

Keep a positive mental attitude. Find things to be grateful for. Gratitude is a high vibration.

Connect with whatever Higher Power you believe in and surrender. Get out in nature. Listen to uplifting music. Help lift the spirits of others whenever you can.

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You may find my book


I am available for SKYPE consultations by appointment.

As well as Psychic Readings many of my clients are doing healing therapy sessions with me to clear old negative programmes.

 As we shift paradigms, it is important now to leave all old negative karma in the old paradigm. We do not need to take our old baggage with us as we move into the new.