As we enter this extraordinary new time

I hope to offer some workshops to help to navigate the new paradigm.

I am still receiving guidance on how to present some new and life changing ideas, tools and concepts.

I’m planning some new workshops to be presented by myself and also hope to introduce some interesting teachings from respected and knowledgeable teachers.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The first workshop  of the year……..



DEATH – The Great Adventure

by Charlie Efford

Many are fearful of death and we all have questions about what happens when we die.

Charlie has kindly agreed to give a talk on this.

At my home in Bath. 7 pm. Tuesday Feb 1st . 2022.

Donation towards Charlies petrol and refreshments. £4. Cash

Places limited. Phone me on 01225 425117 to reserve yours.

The only certainty in our earthly existence is that at some point we will die! For many this is a tragedy to be avoided at all costs. For others it is a natural aspect of life that is accepted with grace.

I’ve been curious about life after death for many years. I gave up my quest to solve the ‘puzzle’ ages ago and have been content ever since to add pieces to my infinite jigsaw whenever they come up.

To that end I would like to talk about the ‘pieces’ I have gathered so far including:

  • The decision to leave the body
  • Stages of dying
  • Dimensions and Planes of existence
  • The journey of the soul and the higher self
  • Re-incarnation

It occurred to me that a better understanding of what may lies in store for us would go a long way to removing our fear of death and help us enjoy our time on the earth more.

Charlie Efford

I come from a spiritual family and have always believed there was life after death. I began my career as an Army Engineer and later trained as a person-centred counsellor. With both sides of my brain active, I can sense what is happening around me and then can’t resist the urge to find out more. I enjoy sharing what I’ve discovered and only pass on what feels right to me.




Materials and beverages provided. Please bring own lunch.

The Law of radiance preceeds the Law of Attraction, as we must first radiate that which we wish to attract.

If we are radiating poverty, we can not attract financial abundance.

If we are radiating a need to be loved, which means we feel unloved, how can we attract love?

The same goes for all the other good things in life.

At this workshop, you can learn how to use the Law of Attraction to work in your favour, by first radiating the frequency of that which you wish to attract.

Investment £65

Beverages provided, please bring own lunch.


I have been guided to offer a series of monthly MESSAGES FROM THE ASCENDED MASTERS. The first one is a meditation to help you to disconnect from the shackles of the ego and so connect with Source. The more we can become consciously aware of our Divine Higher Self and operate from there rather than from the limited and divisive ego, the more we can assist in helping the Ascension process for oursleves and for all of mankind.



One of the first workshops I am likely to offer is



Consciousness raising workshop.

Repeat of the very successful workshop last Autumn

Everything is energy. We are beings of consciousness and light. As we raise our consciousness to connect more with the Source of our being, the better our lives become. We become a vibrational match for situations, events and people who are also vibrating on a higher frequency. We begin to Radiate that which we seek and then we attract it. We set in motion The Law of Attraction.

We will use meditation, chanting, art and colour, breathing and mindfulness to raise frequencies. We will seek to make a more conscious connection to our Higher Power.


Testimonials from previous workshop of same content in 2020:

“Thank you so much for a fascinating day. We all ‘raised our vibes’ and demonstrated it! A beautiful workshop offering easy tools to boost our own frequency and assist humanity’s awakening to a higher state of consciousness.  Fabulous. Highly Recommended! “

A.C. Somerset.

“This workshop is a “tonic” a “medicine” for all of us. The meditations which punctuated the day are very powerful. Each one activated our energy system more and more and I left on a high to radiate all the Love in my heart.”

H.F. Wiltshire.

A fabulous and fascinating workshop with a beautiful group of likeminded souls. The sharing of powerful meditations and simple tools enabled each of us to reach a higher state of consciousness. I came away feeling so very uplifted, hopeful and confident. With an understanding of how to continue “raising my vibes,”  I look forward to radiating out even more love and in turn help awaken the whole of humanity. Treasured memories of a very special day -thank you!

I highly recommend this. 

L.J. Glos.