Letting Go Of Fear 

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At this time of unprecedented challenge on our planet, many people are living with great fear. If you have any fear within yourself, then this meditation is just for you to support you and to bring you to a place of Love, Peace and Trust.


Attracting LOVE 

It is a natural human desire to love and be loved. Yet, the whole question of love seems to be strewn with challenges.

So many of the problems regarding attracting love into our lives is because we do not love ourselves. How can we expect others to love us if we cannot love our own selves?

In this recording, there are affirmations in the first and second person to help you to let go of old beliefs about being unlovable or unworthy and to replace them with affirmations of being lovable and deserving love.

Our reality is created by our beliefs so, as we change our beliefs, we change our reality.

Repetition of these affirmations is necessary to embed new programmes and new beliefs into the subconscious.

Financial Abundance Meditation

Are you worried about money? Do you struggle to make ends meet? Would you like to be able to have enough money to live comfortably and have enough to spare and share?

You’ve heard of The Law of Attraction. We know that our thoughts create our reality. So by changing our thinking around Financial Abundance, we can actually attract it into our lives. But so often we have deep subconscious programmes and thoughts about our unworthiness in this area. These deeply ingrained negative beliefs stop us from having a life of success and prosperity.

This meditation is created to help you to release all those old negative programmes that are holding you back. And contains a series of positive affirmations around your worthiness to have financial abundance in your life. Play this meditation nightly for 28 days and watch your life change.

Consciousness Raising Meditation

This meditation takes you gently from your everyday awareness in your physical reality, chakra by chakra, to  the eight chakra  , outside of your physical body, to connect with Higher Consciousness.

At this place you may connect with your own Higher Self, that part of you that remains outside of the Space/Time reality of our physical existence.

You may also connect with Angelic Beings, Ascended Masters and Spirit Guides and Spirit Allies.

At this level of Higher Consciousness, you can receive inspiration, guidance and insight.  And you can also bring back some of the energy of that Sphere to empower you in your present life


This meditation can be life changing. I use it a lot on my courses and retreats, but this is the first time I have recorded it.

The feedback I have had is tremendous. One man said it cured his depression, several people have said it enhances their psychic powers.   For myself, I know it has helped me to remain very centred. It also has great healing properties.

Sound is very , very powerful. We are made of energy and when exposed to positive vibrations of sound, all the molecules and atoms of our physical body respond. Our mind and our spirit become still and tuned to higher frequencies.

Our own body is a tuning fork , so as we chant we receive enormous benefits from the sound as it penetrates every fibre of our being and it reaches out into our aura.

If you are familiar with the chakras , be aware of the colour of that particular chakra as you chant the sound.  I find that as I reach the higher charkas, I can almost hear celestial voices respond and join in with me.

The chant of the sound AH for the heart is very healing and can be used on its own to send love and healing to others.