Healing Meditation

I have been give a new meditation to share with you. It is a meditation to take you on a journey of healing for Body, Mind and Soul. I had a rough script for the meditation in mind, but when I began to speak, spirit took over and an entirely different script came through. I hope you find it helpful.

Kwan Yin Lunar New Year 2021 Free

I love her energy, she is mightily strong yet gentle and compassionate. She is referred to as an Ascended Master or a Bodhisattva. Revered throughout Asia she is known by many names; Kwan Yin, Quan Yum, Kannon etc. She helps all who call upon her.

Attracting LOVE 

It is a natural human desire to love and be loved. Yet, the whole question of love seems to be strewn with challenges.


Financial Abundance Meditation

Are you worried about money? Do you struggle to make ends meet? Would you like to be able to have enough money to live comfortably and have enough to spare and share?

Consciousness Raising Meditation

This meditation takes you gently from your everyday awareness in your physical reality, chakra by chakra, to  the eight chakra  , outside of your physical body, to connect with Higher Consciousness.


At this time of unprecedented challenge on our planet, many people are living with great fear. If you have any fear within yourself, then this meditation is just for you to support you and to bring you to a place of Love, Peace and Trust.

Shedding Your Shadow Self

To Successfully move forward, it is imperative to unload all our old baggage : old beliefs, old programmes and old negativity. 




This meditation can be life changing. I use it a lot on my courses and retreats, but this is the first time I have recorded it.

The feedback I have had is tremendous. One man said it cured his depression, several people have said it enhances their psychic powers.   For myself, I know it has helped me to remain very centered. It also has great healing properties.