Greetings Beautiful Soul!

I hope wherever you are in the world that you are enjoying this season. Autumn for those in the Southern hemisphere , where you start to slow down to go inwards in harmony with nature. You enjoy the glorious Autumn colours and begin to adopt a different pace. For many, as the days get shorter it becomes a time of reflection or retreat.

In the Northern hemisphere we watch nature begin to wake up after her winter sleep, we enjoy the heightened activity of birds building nests, little lambs gamboling in the fields and all of nature rejoicing. Here in the UK where I live, we have had the most amazing weather now for weeks on end , endless sunshine and blue skies and everyone out and about. I am so excited about my garden and impatient to see the plants I have just put in begin to grow and flourish.

There are great stirrings too in the world at large, truth slowly seeping out and a rising tide of positivity and expectation. The Spirit Guides and Masters have told us about this time. Indigenous cultures worldwide have prophecied these changes: A major paradigm shift. We are at the end of one age and the beginning of another. The last dregs of the old still remain and are difficult to eradicate, but we trust that there is a Divine Plan and that the plan is unfolding.

For each of us at this time, the task is to keep calm; to remain positive and to keep our frequencies as high as possible. It does not do us nor anyone else any good to wallow in the ‘Ain’t it awful’ state of consciousness. We do not, of course, ignore the darkness that is going on, we observe it, send out the frequency of LOVE and do all in our power to raise our own consciousness.

We are all connected. Each of us is like a cell in the one great body of humanity, as each of us heals and embraces the Light, it spreads and it is truly spreading now. The most unselfish thing we can each do now is to raise our own frequency. Dr. David Hawkins in his famous book POWER V FORCE tells us that each individual vibrating on the frequency of LOVE counterbalances 750, 000 who are vibrating on the frequency of FEAR. Isn’t that awesome!

So, do your bit for the world…………raise your own consciousness and radiate the positive vibes!

I have been give a new meditation to share with you. It is a meditation to take you on a journey of healing for Body, Mind and Soul. I had a rough script for the meditation in mind, but when I began to speak, spirit took over and an entirely different script came through. I hope you find it helpful.

(Click Picture to download Meditation)

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Wishing you an abundance of blessings,

Love and Light,

Anne Hassett