Greetings Beautiful Soul!

Thanks you to so many of you for the overwhelmingly positive response to the Kwan Yin Channelling message on lasts months newsletter. I am so glad it was of help. It is still available on my website in the EVENTS section.


I have been guided to offer a series of monthly


The first one is a meditation to help you to disconnect from the shackles of the ego and so connect with Source. The more we can become consciously aware of our Divine Higher Self and operate from there rather than from the limited and divisive ego, the more we can assist in helping the Ascension process for oursleves and for all of mankind.

This is more important than ever now as we enter this time of the breakdown of the old corrupt paradigm of millennia and enter the new paradigm of light and harmony. You will be aware, I’m sure, of the many prophecies which foretold this time. (The Mayans, The Hopis, the Christian Bible, The Hindu Yugas, the Australian Aboriginal preophecies etc) How fortunate we are to be alive at this time of transformation.

Despite the appearance of chaos and disorder, a new world is about to emerge. This time has been called The Shift of Ages, The Ascension, the move from 3D reality to 5D reality etc.

Please enjoy this meditation. It is sent with love.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I am available as usual for virtual Personal Readings. Recently there has been a surge of demand for Past Life Regression, which works very well on line. So many are keen to leave the karma of previous incarnations behind them now, the old baggage cannot be carried forward into the new energy field.


Because of travel restrictions, I really do miss seeing all my lovely clients overseas. Let us hope and pray that these restrictions do not continue for long. I am optimistic that big changes are coming very soon.

Wishing you an abundance of blessings,

Love and Light,

Anne Hassett