Kwan Yin’s Message for Lunar New Year


Greetings Beautiful Soul!

May I wish you a Happy Year of the Ox.

At this time every year I have held a Kwan Yin channeling evening in U.K. to bring messages from her for the collective and for the individuals who attended the gathering. Twice yearly I have had the joy of holding similar sessions in Hong Kong. Sadly, any gathering is out of the question this year, so I have done the next best thing. I have done the channeling in my home today and made a recording of it for you (See link below)

I first connected with Kwan Yin many years ago when she appeared to me and I did not even know then who she was. I have since deepened my connection with her and now know that I have been a devotee of hers in more than one lifetime. I love her energy, she is mightily strong yet gentle and compassionate. She is referred to as an Ascended Master or a Bodhisattva. Revered throughout Asia she is known by many names; Kwan Yin, Quan Yum, Kannon etc. She helps all who call upon her.

Her message in this recording is a general one for Woman/Mankind. If you need a personal channeling just for you , it can be arranged.

I am always here to help. I’m available for Psychic Readings and Counselling on Skype or other platforms. Many of my clients are having on-line counselling sessions with me now to help them to leave the old baggage behind and to clear old destructive patterns of thought and behaviour as we move into the New Energy.

There are inspirational, helpful, life affirming meditations on my website for a nominal fee. You may find that my books, particularly ‘The Law of Radiance’ helpful in these confusing times .


Because of travel restrictions, I really do miss seeing all my lovely clients overseas. Let us hope and pray that these restrictions do not continue for long. I am optimistic that big changes are coming very soon.

Wishing you an abundance of blessings,

Love and Light,

Anne Hassett