Free Mediitation On Moving from Fear to Hope


Greetings dear LUMINARY!

Yes. You are a Luminary. ( Dictionary definition: Natural light giving body. Person of influence)

Wonderful Light-Being, you came here to shine your light.

What an interesting time we are living in !

I have been talking to you now for quite some time about the Earth changes that are happening. Collectively (and for many, individually) we have been through the dark night of the soul. This time has long been prophesied and we are so fortunate to be here at this time . On a soul level, we choose this. The darkness is not over, by any means, but it is on its way out.

Everywhere, especially if you seek out, there are groups of likeminded people getting together to share information, hope and love. There are gatherings where hundreds of people gather together to highlight what is happening in the world, rejecting the control of the many by the few and the fearmongering, spreading love and light and creating a better way forward.

Yesterday I attended The Great Somerset Gathering . Hundreds of people attended and there were some powerful speakers teaching truths, spreading information and filling us with ideas of new ways of being. All the speakers were amazing but I was especially inspired by the amazing Dr. Tess Lawrie who has achieved so much in a short space of time by creating The World Council for Health. I believe it has now spread to 46 countries.

The new paradigm of the Aquarian Age is all about a world for the people by the people.

Where can YOU contribute ?

If you are not sure how you can add your contribution or you are unable for whatever reason to get active in your community. You can contribute enormously by just holding the LIGHT. Keep the light of Love and Positivity in the chamber of your Sacred Heart and, like a lighthouse, shine that light out to all.

If it is possible for you, why not create a small group who get together on a regular basis to meditate and to spread that love? Send the love into the Planetary Grid so that it reaches all over our beautiful planet Earth. Call in your guides, Ascended Masters and Galactic Light Beings to add their power and light to your meditations. Seek out groups in your community that are taking positive action in areas of education, health, growing food, raising consciousness etc. Be selective with what you watch on main stream media. Question everything.

Become a co-creator of the new.

Share your love and hope with all you meet. When you encounter those who are in fear mode, try to share your hope and love with them. Gently and kindly turn the conversation away from the ‘Ain’t it awful’ mode and point out to them all the good that is happening. Remember, according to both Physics and Spirituality, what we focus on we get more of.

To help you to

Move from FEAR to HOPE

I have recorded a meditation

which you can download and listen to.


Something else I would like to share from a Facebook post……

Written by a student of quantum physics: His words not mine…..

Considering what is happening in the world right now, always spreading fear (the primary weapon of control) by those who control the world. I ask you to share this idea: how John Lennon’s wonderful song Imagine inspired millions—now flooding social media around the globe and reaching all corners of the world. MOTION “Drink Water and Nourish Peace”

How does it work? The basic idea of the Drink Water and Nourish PEACE campaign is to get each of us when we drink water … …to think at all times of the phrase… THE WORLD IS AT PEACE, AND I AM ALSO. Without any effort, we will be millions of people per hour repeating, praying, or mentalizing the phrase … THE WORLD IS AT PEACE AND SO AM I!

Let us form a high-frequency vibrational flow in favour of peace. The power of prayer will multiply every time someone joins the movement. According to quantum physics, the systematic repetition of thoughts, feelings, songs, and words creates favorable means to facilitate mentalization goals. We will not spread fear, violence, or other forms of terror. If this message touches your heart, share it; thank you for helping the world to live in peace.

Thank you to this student .






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We live in our heads!

Most of us have been taught in school that the heart is constantly responding to “orders” sent by the brain in the form of neural signals. However, it is not as commonly known that the heart actually sends more signals to the brain than the brain sends to the heart! Moreover, these heart signals have a significant effect on brain function – influencing emotional processing as well as higher cognitive faculties such as attention, perception, memory, and problem-solving. In other words, not only does the heart respond to the brain, but the brain continuously responds to the heart.

Gregg Braden says…..

We can influence the field through the human heart, thoughts are important but the feelings and emotions ‘coherent heart-based emotions’ – love, compassion, understanding and forgiveness changes the electrical and magnetic field in our heart . Our heart is the strongest magnetic and electrical field in our bodies.

So, when we harmonise our heart and our brain what we’re doing is creating a hotline to our subconscious. And that’s when we can introduce our affirmations for perfect relationships or healing. This is where the healing begins in our bodies. Extraordinary states of intuition – deep intuition is available through this harmonising of heart and brain.

I will introduce you to some techniques to open the heart centre and access the incredible power therein.

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Wishing you an abundance of blessings,

Love and Light,

Anne Hassett

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