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Besides the individual predictions for each star sign, I have always done a general prediction for the world. Some of you may have noticed that I did not do one for 2020. There was a very good reason; I did not know the precise details but when I tuned in to the angels for a forecast for 2020, I got a feeling of gloom and dread. It was not specific but it was quite negative.

 Oh my, how accurate was that feeling!

I am so glad to say that on tuning in to the Overlighting Angel of 2021, I get, above all, a feeling of excitement. The angels tell me it will be a rough ride for the first three to four months of this year, but the tide begins to turn around March. Then, as an old friend of mine used to say, “It will be bad for the bad people and good for the good people”. In the turbulence of the shifting reality, do not entertain fear. See it all as the destruction of the old, outworn and corrupt system and the establishment of a better world for all.

There will be many quite shocking revelations as the corruption of centuries is exposed. Idols will topple and be revealed for what they are. Many previously revered institutions will come under severe scrutiny too and many will cease to exist. Over the coming years, cooperation will replace competition. A major clean-up of the environment will be inaugurated. Political, legal and financial systems will be turned on their heads. By 2025 we should be enjoying the delights and joy of an emerging New World. ( Not New World Order, but a new world for all)

2021 and into 2022 herald a time of major readjustment for humanity. Fairness emerges to displace the old system that benefitted only the rich at the top of pile. Supressed healing tools and modalities will finally be revealed, as will new sources of energy. The time taken for the implementation of the new paradigm will not take as long as we would have previously expected. The wisdom teachings say “In those times the days shall be shortened”, this of course is not a literal shortening of the days but an indication of things happening much faster.

As we come into this New Year and New Paradigm, be prepared through prayer, meditation and inner journeying. Fill your heart with Love and radiate it to all. Get a pen and paper and write or draw your vision of what you would like to see in your own life and in the world in general. Remember we are creators and what we think and emit becomes reality. Do not be too specific for the world, as Source may have something far more glorious in mind than anything we may vision from our limited human perspective. Surrender to whatever concept of a Higher Power you subscribe to. Be assured that there is a magnificent Divine Plan and it is now unfolding.

Rejoice and be glad.